Share Something Day – Thank you!

Oh my gosh, everyone! When I came up with Share Something Day a few weeks ago I had no idea there would be so much enthusiastic participation. But friends shared it on Facebook, and their friends shared it, until over 4,000 people were invited. And of those, 425 people RSVP’d as participating. Sharing is one of the most basic of acts of kindness one can perform, and thus, we have received 425 pledges. Not only does this put us almost to our total for last year, this also means that because we donate $1 per kindness pledged to the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation, we will be making a pledge of our own: the maximum monthly amount we pledged to share with the Friends for Life Bike Rally. So at the end of November we will be giving that organization $200.

In addition to the simple act of “attending” this facebook event, many people told us about their experiences today on the wall of the event. Here is what people posted:

Helped to organize a “Community Swap” in a public park. About thirty people exchanged items. I called a pair over as they walked by. They were new to the area and trying to walk out to a big store–via the highway! They took a pair of boots and skateboard. I was offered the load of an automobile for the weekend, so instead of them walking on the dangerous highway, I loaded everything and everyone into the car and showed them all the entrances to the walking paths around town and where the skate park is, and then dropped them off at the store with info about how to use the bus. They were amazed at the welcome, and it felt great to do! – Willimantic, CT, USA
My daughter and I went through all her barely or not worn clothes we’re giving them to a little girl we know whose mom was out of work. I am also going to make dinner for a family that I noticed had a baby in our apartments. – Location Unknown

On Thursday night, I will make my famous shortbread cookies and will pack them in pretty bags, and donate them on my way to the office to the hungry people I see everyday on my way there. – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I will donate to a local church that provides a bed for any child who needs one in our county. – Location Unknown

I gave some construction workers in our neighborhood a bag of chocolate covered pretzels yesterday, just to cheer up their day. – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I will be sharing my time by volunteering for a non-profit, charitable organization and attending their board of directors meeting. I will also be sharing my smile and my laughter. – Location Unknown

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my footfalls with those on the memorial walk for white ribbon day, a silent march increasing awareness of domestic Violence and commemorating those who have died from DV (an alarming 13 in Australia this year). – Australia

Well how about a free zip ride across TO city hall? I will be there at 2 pm if you see me (hmmm best identifier my white bike helmet with hearts on it…find me and we will sign up for a ride!) I am focusing my thoughts and energy on 2014 as I zip across…:) ha ha ha … – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We got an early start tonight! My husband was walking one of our neighbor’s dogs for them when he ran into another one of our neighbors. He is an older gentleman who lives alone and had no family to spend the day with. Upon hearing this, I decided to cook my turkey dinner today instead of waiting for this weekend and I delivered a big platter of Thanksgiving Dinner to our lonely neighbor. His face lit up, he gave me a big smile and he said ” thank you so much sweetie!” It made my Thanksgiving special! Sharing is caring ♥ – Sebago Lake, Maine

Today I bought my office timbits (Todd’s Note: For our friends outside Canada, these are doughnut holes from Tim Hortons) for a tasty treat and bought the person behind me in the drive thru his coffee. – Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m going to share a walk on the beach. And later lunch with friends. – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We got our first snow of the year, I helped my ex get his Harley to the shop for winter storage. – Location Unknown

Today, when i wanted to just relax, I instead shared the gift of Shakespeare to my 5 children, ranging from ages 4 months to 11yrs old. We read, and somewhat acted out, “A Midsummer Nights Dream” Simply beautiful. – Placentia, California, USA

Here are some of the housewares I shared with Furniture Bank – a charity that helps refugees and women who are trying to start again after having been in shelters. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

photo Ben Grey