Event: Share Something Day

Black Friday has been notorious over the years for examples of conspicuous greed and selfishness. Stories of people coming to blows over the last coveted item of a particularly good sale aren’t unheard of, and folks have even died on this day, being trampled by others trying to get to the best deals first.

Why not do something different this year: Share Something Day. On a day where many steel themselves for conflict with others in order to get the best stuff we want to encourage you to connect with others through the act of sharing.

What can you share?

  • Give clothes to a friend or to a charity
  • Give blood
  • Become an organ donor
  • Share a coffee or meal with a friend or stranger
  • Share your food with a food bank
  • Share your knowledge by teaching someone something you’re good at
  • Share music by singing to or with friends
  • Share your time by volunteering
  • Share a story with someone or share your undivided attention

RSVP for Share Something day and share your plans and experiences on the Share Something Day Facebook event page.

Photo by Toban Black under Creative Commons license