Pledge #337: A Park in Cuba

Today I explained to my 3 children that their grandfather was going to Cuba for a vacation, this is something he does once a month, he has met people at the hotel who take really good care of him. During his stay he often goes to sit at the park in Havana, and he always comes prepared. In the past we’ve given him children’s clothes that he has distributed to people in the park, he said at one point there were lines ups! Knowing that my father in law was once again going on vacation there, I decided to speak to my children about how fortunate they are to have a lot of toys, sporting activities, eachother, us etc…and asked them if they could each go to their room and choose some of their books that we could give to my father in law who would then distribute them at the park in Havana. The kids being 8,6 and 4 year old somewhat understood (the oldest one completetly understood), I had to explain a couple of different ways for them to really understand how important it was, what they were doing. they really got it in the end and came back to me with a few books each. We then went to visit my father in law and have him a bag of books for the “children of Havana”. Watching them give their grandfather the bag of books for these children was priceless, they were so proud of themselves and so were my husband and I. We will continue giving him some children’s clothes and toys and will try to do so each time he goes, as much as he can fit into his suit case! – Pledge #336, Dollard-des-ormeaux, Quebec, Canada

photo Mary Aben