Planning Continues – The route is nearly done

Biking the Promenade, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Brooklyn
Photo by Chris Goldberg

Today I looked at the calendar and was a little shocked to find that there are only 64 days for us to get everything together, get trained, decide on a route, decide what to pack, and head out onto the road for this ride. It’s alternately exciting and a little scary. So I took a bit of that nervous energy and worked a bit more on the route.

Thanks to a bit of searching online, I came across the East Coast Greenway project. Its intent is to create a complete off-road bike route from the Canada/Maine border to Key West. So far it is about 26% off-road with the remainder routed along the quietest streets that they could find. This would give me a pretty good route from Boston to NYC except for the fact that we want to head out to Cape Cod first. So our current plan is to take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown and then ride down Cape Cod to Providence where I can pick up the East Coast Greenway until the end. Based on that, our tentative plan is now something like this:

July 16: Hyannis, MA
July 17: Providence, RI
July 18: Willimantic, CT
July 19: Stamford, CT
July 20: New York, NY

On a map it looks something like this.

Of course this is all relatively likely to change as this isn’t a race and in all likelihood we may run into weather we want to wait out or places we want to spend a few more days. And as I don’t have to be back to work until August 6th, I figure we can do a few more things along the way, or we may end up slowing a bit. Of course google maps does say it will take about 10 days to ride all the way home. So if we haven’t ridden enough for our tastes, we can head back on our own.

We’ve also begun looking for lodging. Our hope is to meet lots of interesting people along the way so we’ve sent out requests via and put out a few other feelers as well.