47 Pledges for Coordinated Kindness #5


Thanks to everyone who participated in Coordinated Kindness #5. Over the past week or so, 47 people pledged to make a Kiva loan. If all of those loans were only $25 each, that means that between you all that raised $1,175. And that’s just this first round – that money can be loaned and re-loaned to continue to help new people.

So again, a big thanks to everyone for participating. You all made a big difference in a very short time.

And as a result of all of those pledges, we are now at 213 pledges for the project. Amazing!

Pledge # 165 – Dog Day Afternoon

Whalon Dog Park 074

Today I was thinking of you and the 500 acts on my dog walk…here in Switzerland is the expectation that you carry little poop bags and pick up after Fido when he/she poops…so you sometimes see people on your walks with these little bags in their hands tied at the top…and you then put it in a trash, or special one for these things, receptacle…so 3 minutes after thinking about you my dog and another meet each other and start playing..I was returning from a walk in the woods and they were just starting, i saw he had a poop bag in his hand, and there would be no where to deposit it on their entire walk, so he would be carrying it the entire time…so I simply offerred to take it off him and put in the bin I woudl come across shortly at the end of the road…anyway, he was quite surprised, this was done in German as well, and smiled and quite happy when he realized what I had offered.
– Pledge #165, Zurich, Switzerland

photo: Michael Kappel

Pledge #164 – Beautiful Country Roads

Lots and lots of dirt roads

“I hereby resolve/pledge to be sure I have garbage bags in the truck the next time I drive into town. That means I will not — once again — look at all the trash that has been thrown out on our lovely dirt road and wish I had something to load it into. No. I will hop out and start loading those bags, drive them into town and drop them in various dumpsters.”

– Pledge #164, Springfield, Missouri

photo: Criana

Coordinated Kindness # 5 – We’re all Neighbours on Planet Earth


A few weeks ago was the second anniversary of my mother in law, Kiteweather’s passing. In many ways, her generosity is at the roots of this project that Daegan and I are taking on. In addition to the great generosity she shared with us as I talked about here before, she used most of what she earned to support several children through Plan International. A few years before she died, she started to sell the crocheted rugs she would make at a store in town. The bulk of the money she made that way she used to make microloans at Kiva. Even though she’s been gone for over two years now, the money she made on her rugs keeps helping people around the world. Every time a loan gets paid back we redirect it back to someone else. Every time I think about it I smile knowing how happy she would be to know that.

So for this Coordinated Kindness, I’d like people to visit Kiva if you can and help one of your neighbours who may just happen to live on the other side of the world. And if money’s a bit tight, thanks to Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, you don’t even need money to do it – just visit http://www.kiva.org/free. Once the loan has been made, make your pledge either by “attending” the Facebook event, or by making your pledge on this site.

Pledge #162: Feed Your Librarian

2008-03-02 Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales (18)

“Yesterday I was at our library. A girl scout and her mom were selling cookies and not getting many takers. I can’t eat them- too many food allergies- BUT I had the requisite four dollars and wanted to support the young girl’s efforts. What to do? LIBRARIANS! Librarians must like cookies! In I went, and demanded to know their favorite scout cookie. They couldn’t tell me because they’re not supposed to accept gifts, “But if they just showed up, what could we do?”. Right. Cookie Ninja is on the job. The girl scout made a sale, the librarians got anonymous Thin Mints, and Cookie Ninja melted into the night with a smile. Only later did it occur to me to think this was good for your quest. I pledge to let librarians know they are appreciated at every library in our county. Not necessarily with cookies, but with something tangible. And most definitely in the best tradition of secret, stealthy, good-deed-doing ninjas everywhere.”

– Pledge #162, Portland, Oregon

photo: Jennifer Kiernan