Pledge #155: More Coffee


Yesterday morning I was in a pretty crappy mood. I slept really poorly and yet woke up almost 2 hours before my alarm. I had a lot of things due at work – likely the thought of that is what kept me from getting back to sleep, in fact.

So feeling sorry for myself I stopped to pick up a coffee. Despite it being about 6:30 AM there was a line nearly to the door. Still, I needed my coffee and so I waited and watched the line continue to grow behind me – many of the people in line looking to be in an even worse mood than I found myself in. Just before I got to the counter, though, I remembered The Power of the Unexpected and decided to give it a shot. After making my usual order for my coffee and bagel, I asked the woman behind the counter for 10 more coffees for the next 10 people in line. She was originally confused by what I was trying to accomplish but eventually we worked it out.

In the end my day was really busy but that gesture and the thought of 10 others being surprised by it made me happy.

Photo by Leolumix