Pledge #117: Baby Blanket

” A coworker of mine just had a baby, and although I fell a little behind I started knitting his new kid a blanket. They’re both young and not native to Canada, just a little bit more special than buying them a blanket.”

Pledge #117, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

photo: June

Pledge #116: Christmas Morning

“I normally make my family breakfast on Christmas morning, tradition now in fact. And along with helping a little preparing the holiday food, I’ll also bring them either dinner the night before or lunch day of, so they don’t have to think about preparing 2 holiday meals, plus regular food stuff.”

Pledge #116, Scarborough, Ontaraio, Canada

photo: Przemek Siemion

Pledge #115: Non-Bill Postal Mail

“I’m finally going to send a sorta friend an autograph I got for her from a comedian she really digs. She moved around a bit so I didn’t want to send it and have her not be there. I’ll also find some more American friends and send them some nice non-bill mail, I’ve got stamps and cards.”

Pledge #115, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

photo: Paree

Pledge #113: Canfar

“I’m volunteering with Canfar for that Bloor Street Entertains thing. A few hours so people who can spend thousands on dinner get decent service will continue to donate for AIDS research, much more than I can ever afford.”

Pledge #113, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

photo: Ayngelina

Coordinated Kindness #3: You Made A Difference

thank you note for every language

Our lives are filled with people who made a difference in our lives. In some cases the difference they made is clear from the start. In other cases, they may not have any idea of the difference they made. They may have given valuable advice, helped you through a difficult time, listened when you needed a friendly ear or gave you encouragement you needed to get to your goal. Now is your opportunity to let them know.

So for the remainder of 2011, why not take this opportunity to let those people know they really made a difference in your life by sending them a letter, be it electronic or paper.

For those on Facebook, please RSVP to, and share, the Facebook Event.

At the same time, if you feel inspired, share your story in the comment section below.