Pledge #79: Being There

As a way to begin – tomorrow, I will go to the local cafe and buy a coffee for a neighbour, whether I know them or not. I will then drive for four hours and be present and available to my family on the day of my beloved uncle’s funeral. I know that nothing is better in times of grief than to find kindness and compassion to usher in what strength and love may attend. But it will start with just buying someone a coffee. Maybe that will be a good start for their day too.Pledge #79, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

photo: Funkyah

Pledge #78: Scones

“Will be participating in the Coffee for Everyone! “flashmob” idea. The person behind me at the coffee hut on Monday October 31 will find a java-thing and scone of their choice already paid for.”Pledge #78, Portland, Oregon

photo: Chotda

Pledge #76: Call Me

“I pledge to call my friends, my real friends at least once a month. By the end of the year I want to catch up with all of my friends and tell them how grateful I am to have them in my life! Hey, life it’s short and there is nothing in the world than to make someone’s day with a phone call.”Pledge #76, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

photo: Sarah Simpson