Time for Fall Camping

Yes, I realize that it’s still over 9 months before we leave on the real journey but I’m someone who can’t sit still. If I could, I’d get us on the bike and head out now. Instead I have to be content with looking at maps, gathering info about how to do longer unsupported bike tours, and getting the word out more about our trip. Which, realistically speaking, is really what we need to be doing.

This hasn’t stopped us, though, from riding the tandem around town, sometimes with Dae, sometimes with Sage. Yesterday, though, I took the plunge and booked a campsite for a place a few hours ride from here. It’s far enough away to be relatively rural and give us a decent challenge, but close enough that if we need something we’re not terribly far from home and can manage to get back if we were to make a bad planning error – I don’t know, like forgetting a tent.

A friend of a friend heard of our plans and now not only do we have the two waterproof panniers we had planned on but a Bob Yak trailer to try as well. This is our first idea for how to carry all the extra gear we’ll need to camp along the way. If it works out we’ll go looking for one of our own for some of the future trips.

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about camping. Folks who know me might be surprised that I don’t feel completely comfortable because they know that our family lived in a yurt in the woods for 2 years without electricity and running water. Of course while I know how to start and cook on a fire pretty well (even in the pouring rain). But the combination of doing all of that plus keeping the weight down to a minimum is a bit overwhelming. Of course if there’s one thing that I did learn from living in the woods for two years, it’s that it isn’t hard to pick up the skills you need along the way. And so, we’re going to start picking up those skills really soon. And of course you all will hear all about it (and if you’re lucky there’ll be photos and possibly video as well!)