47 Pledges for Coordinated Kindness #5


Thanks to everyone who participated in Coordinated Kindness #5. Over the past week or so, 47 people pledged to make a Kiva loan. If all of those loans were only $25 each, that means that between you all that raised $1,175. And that’s just this first round – that money can be loaned and re-loaned to continue to help new people.

So again, a big thanks to everyone for participating. You all made a big difference in a very short time.

And as a result of all of those pledges, we are now at 213 pledges for the project. Amazing!

Pledge # 165 – Dog Day Afternoon

Whalon Dog Park 074

Today I was thinking of you and the 500 acts on my dog walk…here in Switzerland is the expectation that you carry little poop bags and pick up after Fido when he/she poops…so you sometimes see people on your walks with these little bags in their hands tied at the top…and you then put it in a trash, or special one for these things, receptacle…so 3 minutes after thinking about you my dog and another meet each other and start playing..I was returning from a walk in the woods and they were just starting, i saw he had a poop bag in his hand, and there would be no where to deposit it on their entire walk, so he would be carrying it the entire time…so I simply offerred to take it off him and put in the bin I woudl come across shortly at the end of the road…anyway, he was quite surprised, this was done in German as well, and smiled and quite happy when he realized what I had offered.
– Pledge #165, Zurich, Switzerland

photo: Michael Kappel

Pledge #164 – Beautiful Country Roads

Lots and lots of dirt roads

“I hereby resolve/pledge to be sure I have garbage bags in the truck the next time I drive into town. That means I will not — once again — look at all the trash that has been thrown out on our lovely dirt road and wish I had something to load it into. No. I will hop out and start loading those bags, drive them into town and drop them in various dumpsters.”

– Pledge #164, Springfield, Missouri

photo: Criana